Bsnl 500 combo plan 2011 details-Bsnl combo plans 2011-Bsnl broadband Combo 500 plan 2011

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  • Bsnl 500 combo plan 2011 details-Bsnl combo plans 2011-Bsnl broadband Combo 500 plan 2011

    BSNL Home 500C is one of those plans which come under the category of Home Combo Plans which are structured by BSNL. BSNL have always been coming with such plans that can cater the needs of different people and that is one of the reason that you can find so many plans. Also, it implies that all of the plans are not for you as there may be some that will really be appreciated by you and some may never be able to acquire you appreciation. When you talk about BSNL Home 500 C, it means that you will be getting a wonderful speed in general. 256kbps is the speed that you will surely be getting by using this package; however, you can really get a faster speed on some occasions which can be as high as 2Mbps. Also, you can get this speed by spending Rs.500 per month.

    However, there will be the limitations that you will have to stay patient with. Downloading and uploading limit should not be exceeded from 1.5GB as if you do that; you will have to pay 0.80 paisa for ever extra MB. One benefit that you can acquire with this package is that there will be no charges for your phone which you may have to pay in other packages as a fixed monthly telephone charges. Also, night unlimited facility is available for users to enjoy from 0200hrs to 0800hrs. Last but certainly not the least; you can enjoy 175 free calls in this package which makes it stand out amongst the many.

    BB Home Combo 500
    Bandwidth (Download Speed)
    Upto 2 Mbps
    All Users
    Monthly Charges (Rs)
    Discounted Annual Payment Option (Rs)
    Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month
    1/5 Gb
    Additional Usage Charges/MB beyond free download/upload limit (Rs)
    Rs. 0.20/- per MB
    Night Unlimited (0200-0800 Hrs)
    Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID)
    1/5 MB
    Static IP Address (On written Request)
    Security Deposit
    Minimum Hire Period
    One Month
    Telephone fixed monthly charges in Rs
    Free Calls(MCU)
    MCU charges/ pulse in Rs.
    Committed Period for FREE MODEM**
    Not Aplicable
    Type of Modem $


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