Vodafone internet access settings-Vodafone GPRS problems-Vodafone GPRS not working-

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  • Vodafone Internet access settings-Vodafone GPRS problems-Vodafone GPRS not working

    Frequently Asked Questions Related to Vodafone GPRS Problems in India

    Q I activated my vodafone GPRS in january this year. so since 5 months i have been using it regularly and i had never faced a problem. But since the last 2 weeks i am experiencing problems with GPRS. Whenever i want to access GPRS, my cell shows connecting via vodafone live and then after 2 secs it flashes a message saying that GPRS is not available please check network services. Now i did not request vodafone to de-activate my GPRS then how come its not active? Can you tell me what must be the problem? i scanned my mobile for Virus it was clean.


    • Pls check whether u hav maintaining ur balance more than Rs.50.Bcoz in vodafone,u have min bal of Rs.50 to access GPRS,otherwise u ll get msg like Packet data connection not available. Vodafone also has some Prblm,once ur bal gets low means at all,ur GPRS wont gets disconnected. Pls switch off ur mobile for while a min n on.get t settings.maintain bal more than r rs.50.

    Vodafone Internet access settings:

    Account Name: Vodafone_gprs
    Homepage: http://live.vodafone.in
    User Name: (no need)
    Pass: (no need)
    Access Point Settings:
    Proxy: Enabled
    Proxy Address:
    Proxy Port: 9401
    Data Bearer: Packet Data
    Bearer Settings:
    Packet Data Access Point: portalnmms
    Network type: IPV4
    Authentication: normal
    User Name: (no need)
    Password: (no need)


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