Speak Asia fraud-Speak asia accounts freezed by UOB Star News Aaj Tak Speak Asia NEWS

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  • Thursday, May 26, 2011
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  • Speak Asia fraud-Speak Asia accounts freezed by UOB Star Naws Aaj Tak Speak Asia NEWS

    Latest Breaking NEWS on Star NEWS And AAJ Tak said that Speak Asia`s accounts have been freezed in Singapore as well as in India.It has now become clear that Speak Asia is another online fraud Company.This company is one room company and is neither Registered in India nor in Singapore

    We are trying to get more news on this from different channels like IBN7, Star News, CNBC and other and will keep you update on this page. Till then you can put your comments. 

    It has been Warned by Star News and Aaj Tak that Speak Asia is Fraud Company


    mohammad said...

    Together with all the news you're stuck to speak asia

    Priya said...

    We were receiving our money till now. Its just because of that goddamn news channels like Star news & Aajtak that we are now suffering...

    These channels have lost 19 Lakhs subscribers...

    ishwar said...

    This is hard fact that these news channels can go to any extent just to enhance TRP and to satisfy its personal grudges. Just see the journalists they are not keen on inquiring the fact. but they are interested in downplaying everything. The media is using its power in a very very wrong manner. Just beware!! Not everything the media shows is factual. I m not a speak asia fan. This is how i have experienced over the years.

    ishwar said...

    If you want to know about TV channels. Just See "PEEPLI LIVE" movie.

    v said...

    all media is gone mad. if a company is fraud it can not face media such long time. they are still ready to investigate themselves how can media said it a fraud company. 'yeh public hai sab jaanti hai' media person hit on back by speak asia person

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