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  • Friday, February 11, 2011
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  • I just saw a very appealing array of advertisements on TV while watching a popular show  during commercial break.. The commercials paid condolences to 1p/s call tarrif in a very innovative and creative way..

    The commercial just talked about paying condolences to the 1p per second and didn’t explained what it was actually about (ofcourse it has to be about something).. It just shows this website address at the end of the comercial http://ByeBye1p.com
    Even on the website there was nothing else other than paying condolences  to 1p/s.. I looked everywhere.. then I foundthis little link of Terms and Conditions by reading which I came to know the site belongs to Videocon Telecommunications Limited.. But that also wasn’t enough info..
    So I did what I always do to solve my quests.. I goOgled.. and found out that this is a campaign started by Videocon to promote its GSM services already launched in 10 circles and soon to be expanded to all 22 circles across India.
    Videocon also have a beautiful.. literally beautiful website up and running http://ByeBye1p.com to pay the condolences to the 1p per second call tarrifs which definitely means videocon is gonna bring some even cheaper call rates..They already have a 25p per minute local and STD calls Special tarrif Voucher (STV17) in Mumbai Circle.. Now that’s an awfully cheap tarrif..

    UPDATE: On the website there is also an option to guess “Who will succeed the 1p/sec” and win an Android phone.
    Have you also seen the Ads?? What do you say about it??


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