Number Portability Act for Mobile Number Portability in India-Number Portability Rules

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  • Thursday, January 27, 2011
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  • It is the technique in which the customer can change the operator of the mobile Phone. But customer should have remain previous mobile number. This is done by the central database system. All Call Query technique is used for the mobile porting and it is very efficient way to communicate without changing the number. In the porting option is available to the mobile customer from20/1/2011.The Idea Cellular Service launching this services all around the country. The customer will wait for the seven days for porting or to change the Service Provider without changing number. The cost paid by the customer is only Rs.19 which is deducted for changing the service provider. Once the customer change the service provider of phone then he should not Switch to the other service provider until 3 Months. Customer can switch from CDMA to GSM and prepaid to postpaid or vice verse though the Mobile Number Portability. The operator will be change only after completing all the dues of previous operator. The customer should have change the SIM Card for the new service provider. But the Mobile number of the customer will not be change after the switching to new provider. The largest service provider in country BSNL provide the Mobile Number Portability at free of cost. The Porting is not applicable within the outer circle, it will be used only in the intern circle. During transferring the service provider the phone is dead .At least 4 hours the phone is dead but it is mostly at night.

    Steps In Mobile Number Porting in India:

    1.The customer should send the message to 1900 as PORT< 10 digit Mobile Number>
    2.The customer will get the SMS of unique porting Code and it is valid for the 2 days. If the costumer want another code it will be given after expiration of the previous Code.
    3.You should apply to the new service provider within the time with this Unique code by filling the registration form of the new service provider.
    4.The new service provider will take the permission of the previous service provider .Then new operator give the time for porting.
    5. On the set time and date the previous service provider will disconnect the number from his service.
    6.Then the new service provider will claim to this mobile number and give the new SIM and activate the previous mobile number.

    Now customer can enjoy the new services provided by the new operator like 3G,better Network with the same number existing earlier .


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