Mobile Number Portability in India FAQ's-II -Number Portability India-MNP Questions and Answers

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  • If you are new to Mobile number Portability then you are at right place.The information enlisted below will get all of your Doubts cleared about Mobile Number Portability.As we have discussed earlier about What Mobile Number Portability Is? in our Last Post.Its time for Discussing Some Frequently Asked Questions Related to Mobile Number Portability:

    Are there any conditions for MNP?
    • You should have completed a period of 90 days (from the date of activation of your mobile connection) with your current operator.
    • You should have cleared all outstanding payments with your current operator.
    • You should have no pending request for change of ownership of the mobile number.
    • Your mobile number sought to be ported should not be sub-judice i.e., it should not be involved in any case pending before a Court of Law.
    • Again, porting of your mobile number should not have been prohibited by a Court of Law.
    • There should be no ownership change request pending against the number you wish to port.
    What is a UPC code?

    UPC stands for unique portal code. The UPC code can be taken from your existing operator-Simply SMS "PORT <space> <10 digit mobile number which you wish to port> to 1900. UPC is an eight-digit code, which you will be required to provide to your new operator at the time of switching.

    What are the charges for porting a number?

    The charges are Rs19 (or less, depending on what your new operator wants to charge you). This is a non-refundable charge.

    How long does it take to port a number?

    The entire process of porting takes about six days. The exceptions are J&K, Assam & other states in the North-East, where it will take 10 days from the receipt of porting clearance from the donor operator (your existing operator).

    Which documents must a prepaid/post-paid customer submit while making a porting request?

    The customer will have to submit the same documents as any new customer. These include the MNP application form; a self-attested photograph and address proof of address, along with your signature. You will get the MNP form from any gallery or service centres of the new operator. In case you are a post-paid subscriber, you also have to submit a photocopy of the latest bill paid to your current service provider.

    Can numbers be ported across circles?
    No, porting is only available within a particular circle. This means that a subscriber from the Mumbai circle cannot port her number to, say, the New Delhi or Uttar Pradesh circles.

    Can a landline number be ported?

    No. Porting is allowed only between mobile numbers.

    Will I get a new SIM card when I port my number?

    Yes, you will get a fresh SIM card from the new operator, after the porting process is completed.

    What will happen to the contacts and messages stored on my old SIM card?

    You will have to back up the contacts and the messages stored on the old SIM card before making the porting request.

    How long will I be without service while my existing SIM card is deactivated and my current SIM is activated?

    The maximum period of 'No Service' is two hours, as defined by the regulator.

    How will subscribers be informed about SIM activation/deactivation during porting?

    Subscribers are intimated via an SMS about the date and time of porting. Your old SIM will be deactivated within one hour of the stated time of porting. Your new SIM card will be activated within two hours of the stated porting time.

    Can a subscriber submit a porting request to more than one operator at the same time?

    Yes. However, only the request that was made first will be cleared by the Mobile Clearing House.

    If a subscriber ports to another operator and makes a call, which number will actually appear on the receiver's mobile phone?

    The existing mobile number of the subscriber will appear on the receiver's mobile phone.

    Can subscribers' numbers be ported without their permission?

    No, subscribers' permission is essential. The recipient operator must verify all requests and validate supporting documents.

    Can I decide the date and time on which the number will be ported?

    No, you cannot dictate when the number should be ported. Upon receiving the porting request, the recipient operator will send it for processing. You will be informed once the porting validation is completed and the new SIM card is activated.

    Can a number be ported more than once?

    Yes, but only after completing at least 90 days (after activation) with the existing operator.

    Can subscribers on CDMA networks port their numbers to GSM operators? And vice-versa?

    Yes, they are only porting their number and not the service. However, for using a CDMA service, the subscriber needs to buy a compatible handset, as his GSM handset will not work on a CDMA network (and vice-versa).

    Can a subscriber cancel a porting request? And how?
    Yes. The subscriber can cancel the porting request by giving a request in writing to the new operator. Cancellations must be done within 24 hours of making the request.

    How much time does it take to cancel a porting request?

    It will take 24 hrs-within which the porting request can be cancelled.

    Will subscribers get a refund of porting fees on cancelling the request?

    No, the porting fees are instantly paid to the MNP service provider and cannot be refunded.

    Will subscribers need to cancel their existing value-added services before porting?

    No. Value-added services with the current operator will automatically be terminated once the number is successfully ported to the new operator.

    Can subscribers still enjoy their existing value-added services during the porting process?

    Yes they can, except for international roaming services, which the current operator may suspend during porting.

    After porting, will subscribers enjoy the same services from the recipient operator?

    No, subscribers can only port their number and not their value-added services. To enjoy uninterrupted value-added services, they will have to register for these while making a porting request with the recipient operator. That said, the recipient operator is not obliged to provide identical value-added services.

    What will happen to my prepaid balance when I port my number to another operator?
    The existing balance will expire upon successful porting and will not be carried forward.

    Can subscribers who have selected a plan of their choice or will there be specific plans allocated to them?

    Subscribers can select any plan which is available in the market at the time of porting.

    Can subscribers continue to use their bundled/network-linked handsets after they switch over to another operator?

    Yes, provided that the existing operators have disabled the 'network lock' on these handsets. Again, subscribers will have to discharge any contractual obligations on their bundled or network-linked handsets before making their porting request. Only then, the old operator will approve the porting request and disable the network lock on their handsets.

    Do I need to apply for the National Do Not Disturb (DND) Registry after porting?

    Yes, you can call the customer service centre and submit a request for DND service activation. In addition, you may opt for the same while filling up the subscription form. Subscribers who would like to register/de-register their request for DND registry may dial '1909' or SMS '1909' with keywords 'START DND' for registration and 'STOP DND' for de-registration.

    Can subscribers retain their existing electronic clearing system (ECS) arrangements for paying bills automatically after porting?

    No, subscribers will have to make fresh requests for ECS payments after porting to the new operator.

    Where can subscribers find information about the status of their porting request?

    Subscribers must track the status of their porting request with the donor operator till their existing SIM cards are active. After this, they must track the status with the recipient operator.

    I have a prepaid number with a current operator; can I take a post-paid connection through mobile number portability?

    Yes. You can.

    I have paid my bills with my current operator till my last billing cycle-but I have an unbilled amount that will appear only in my next cycle. Do I have to make the pending payment before I switch to a new operator?

    You will be required to make the pending payment once your previous service provider raises the bill. In case you do not pay the bill, you number might be disconnected.

    When will I get the refund of my security deposit?

    Ideally, you should get the refund as soon as you clear your dues. However, it depends on the service provider. The experience of subscribers from Haryana (remember, MNP was launched there first on 25th November?) is not good. It could take months before the deposit is refunded and that too if the consumer keeps pestering the company.

    Can my mobile number portability request be rejected?

    Yes. Your current service provider may reject the request if any of the eligibility criteria are not met.

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