Mobile Number Portability Benefits, Benefits of Mobile Number Portability in India

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  • Thursday, January 27, 2011
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  • Mobile Number portability in India is poised to be a thing of immense magnitude. The cell phone market in India is growing by leaps and bounds and it is believed that by 2012, India will have crossed 893 million cell phone subscribers and 1,243 million mobile subscribers in 2015. With the proliferation of cell phone network operators, Mobile Number Portability in India is going to grow leaps and bounds as has been in the Western World including the US.

    India boasts of the lowest cell phone tariff rates in the world, with the lowest average rate per usage being $3 per subscriber per month. The Cellular Operators Association of India has stated that every 10 percent rise in the mobile penetration rate can translate into 1. 2 percent higher growth rate. Apart from the intense tariff war, the Mobile Number Portabillity in India and 3 G services are the next battle grounds for network providers to compete.

    Benefits of Mobile Number Portability:

    1. As a user, you can leave one mobile network and go to another one, if you are not satisfied with the service. Your mobile number remains the same; you just change to a better mobile network, that appeals to you.  The customers also does not lose his/her old numbers and contacts.
    2. Increased competition among network providers to retain customers. The competing network will try to induce the user to switch to them while the existing network will try to retain its customer base and keep you, the customer, happy by providing better options. Ultimately, it is the customer's decision whether he/she wants to port the number or not.
    3. Expect more rate cuts, better services and other frills in the MNP environment
    4. MNP in India would lead to better quality services and a change in the in the attitude of the operators towards addressing grieance to retain subscribers. At the outset at least 15-20% would like to shift to alternate operators with attractive plans. There are some network operators who will plan to aquire high net worth individuals who earlier didn't want to switch to another operator as they didn’t want to change the number.


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